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Itchy Kitty was a lady from the city (on the wrong side of the tracks) 
She keeps a list of the names of the dames (that won't be coming back) 
Gone, gone, gone; and no one says a thing 
No one says a thing (or thinks maybe they should be) 

You can hear at night they say how they disappear in the day 
High-heeled shoes, spurred-tip boots, "Hail Mary Guadalupe" 
Tar to the floor, heels to the ground 
Desert wind howls, desert sand drowns 

Hot Hound's a King of a string of Pawn Shoppes (on the right side of town) 
He's shipping crates across the boarders of the states stamped "furniture markdown" 
But he's dealing Arms to the Lords of another trade 
And he keeps the whole world turning in his own, violent way 
Gone, gone, gone; and no one says a thing 
No one says a thing (or thinks maybe they should be) 

Winds from the Mexico South bring the dust rolling up North 
To the city of El Paso (where they pacify the Lords) 
Cause all the big men running down old Juárez town 
Know to keep peace where their heads lie 
(let the dirty deeds stay down South by the tracks, close enough to get back home before dawn because it doesn't take long to send a basket to a door with a message delivered from a talking head who talks no more about the walls in this city that are filled with the money of the blood of the people) 
And the tellers can't be found 
And the women, they can't be found 
And no one says a thing




telephone: 610-304-9368


email: tuskherband@gmail.com


Tusk, Her is: 


Amanda K, (Vox/Guitar)


Nathan Mellott



Austin, Texas based.


"There’s a lot of raw potential here, and lord knows Austin garage rock could use an infusion of holler and stomp to offset all this watered down psych bullshit." - Nick Hanover (Ovrld.com)

"The songs here are thumping, primitive, and unsettling in the way somebody keeping pace with you down a dark street is. {...}  I've been listening to too much nicey-nice or sad female folk singers, and Tusk, Her was a jolt out of that rut. 


It's easy to compare Tusk, Her to what you've heard before, but it'll be more difficult to appreciate those other bands once you've seen what this duo can do." - Rachel Cholst (AdobeAndTears.com)